Voter Registration Hub

Use the FAQ's below to answer questions on your right to vote.

State Voter Registration Guides

Are you registered to vote?

Yes: Perfect! Keep note that if you've moved since the last election, you'll need to re-register to vote. 

Unsure: Check voter registration here: CEO Voter Registration Check

No: You can register here: Voter Registration

Missing registration form Info?

Housing: In ALL 50 states a person can register to vote even if they don’t have a home address to list. Some states allow you to list a shelter or cross-street.

Drivers License or SSN: Some states will have a field for a state id/driver's license number. If the person does not have a state id/driver's license they can usually list in another field the last 4-digits of their SSN.

Party Affiliations:

CALIFORNIA ONLY: “Independent” Voters

Sometimes this can be confusing IF the person is wanting to register as an “Independent” voter they would check the “Declined to State” option. Not the American Independent Party, which is its own formal party and has ballot qualified designation.

    The Voting Process


    Make a voting plan!

    1. If your state offers it: VOTE EARLY!
    2. Check the location of your polling location: Polling Place Locator
    3. Schedule enough time, just in case the lines are long.
    4. Identify your transportation.
      • If your location isn’t in walking distance, talk to others to see if you can coordinate your trip.
      • Ride services like Uber and Lyft are offering discounted or free rides to polling places this year.
    5. Take your ID. Depending on your location you may be required to show ID, best to have it on hand just in case.

    What should I do if I am prevented from voting at a polling station even though I registered?
    In many states you can request a provisional ballot, where they let you vote but will hold it until confirming your registration with the local elections office. If you encounter a problem on election day and are told you aren’t allowed to vote, tell the election worker you would like to vote a provisional ballot:

    • Ask for written instructions about what you must do to ensure the provisional ballot will be counted.
    • Ask for a phone number you can call to confirm if your vote was counted.

    We recommend calling the Election Protection hotline as a first step.

    What if the polls close while I’m in line?

    If you're voting in person on Election Day and you're in line when the polls close in your state, STAY IN LINE. You have a right to vote if you’re already in line.

    If there are issues when trying to vote:
    Check out the list of resources here: Election Protection Guide
    Contact number for Election Protection: (866-687-8683)

    By-Mail or Absentee

    Skip the line! Either send your ballot by mail, or in many locations, drop it off at your local polling station.

    Do you need a stamp to mail in your absentee ballot?

    **In some states a stamp(s) may be required to mail in your ballot. Absentee ballots should be completed and mailed back in the envelopes provided as instructed on the ballot.

    PENNSYLVANIA ONLY: Mail-in/Absentee ballots have a DOUBLE envelope that must be included when submitting your ballot. Make sure to follow ALL directions

    After you mail your ballot you can track its status




    New York



    Other Concerns and Questions

    “My vote doesn’t matter”

    While it can sometimes feel like voting doesn’t matter, it has a HUGE impact on things that touch our everyday lives.

    • Local officials that make decisions about OUR community are on the ballot.
    • Measures that determine funding for transportation, housing, and schools are also on the ballot.

    Note: If your vote wasn’t important people wouldn’t be working so hard to take it away.

    Is vote-by-mail safe?

    Yes! Vote-by-mail is also known as absentee voting. It’s been widely available and used by voters for various reasons. Such as allowing members of the military and other voters abroad to cast their ballots, increasing access for those with disabilities, or just because it’s convenient! Eight states already have “All-in” voting systems where almost the entire election is done by mail.

    COVID concerns: Is voting in-person safe?

    These are unusual times, just like entering any other public facility make sure to follow local safety protocols. 

    Tip: Take a mask with you just in case wearing one is required at your polling location.

    Can CEO staff collect and mail in ballots or registration forms and mail them for participants?

    No. CEO staff may not collect ballots or registration forms from participants to mail them in. We can help participants to understand the instructions on their ballot and provide space for them to fill out a ballot, but should not review a person's ballot or collect them. A participant must complete their own ballot and seal it and drop it in the mail, ballot box, or the local county elections office has allowed in their state. Sites should direct participants to the nearest mailbox, post office, ballot drop box or county election office.

    Can we host events at our office to encourage voting?

    Captains can work with local sites to develop outreach efforts that promote voting. SMS text and distributing flyers at crew sites encouraging participants to vote are all great ways to get people engaged and excited about voting.

    However, if a site wants to host a nonpartisan education event, such as a call-a-thon, please reach out to your state captains for instructions on tracking staff time used for this event.