Employer & Workforce Consulting

CEO works with employers and workforce practitioners who are interested in advancing career opportunities for job seekers with non-traditional backgrounds. 

CEO is the nation’s largest reentry employment provider, with over 25 years of experience matching over 35,000 justice-impacted job seekers, with over 5,000 employers, across more than 30 communities. Our Inclusive Hiring Team can teach you about fair chance hiring best practices, help you develop strong community partnerships, design career pathways for staff with non-traditional backgrounds, and redefine the job search for individuals with justice-involvement.

If you are interested in leveraging CEO’s knowledge and experience, contact us at:

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What type of training and consulting does CEO provide?

Employer Advisory Services

HR Tools & Guidance

We develop tools that guide employers and talent professionals to hire and retain job seekers and staff with convictions. Our tools range from certificate programs to inclusivity assessments.

Immediate Staffing Fulfillment

CEO can fulfill immediate staffing needs with supervised work crews and continuous access to job seekers ready for hire in 31 different regions throughout the U.S.

Workforce Consulting

We review employers’ human resource policies, make recommendations, and coach staff on how to implement fair chance hiring practices.

Talent Pipeline & Development

We help employers develop partnerships in their community. These partnerships are the cornerstone to ensuring that an employer’s talent needs never go unmet.

81% of business leaders and 85% of HR professionals believe workers with criminal records perform their jobs about the same or better than workers without. (source)

Field Building

Technical Assistance

We offer workshops and technical assistance programming that share best practices for implementing fair chance hiring. Sessions are designed to reflect audience priorities and communicate key learnings from CEO’s decades of direct service experience in reentry employment.

Coalition & Field Building

Our team regularly facilitates convenings among workforce stakeholders, presents at coalition events, and leads conversations to forward the fair chance hiring field as a whole.

Redesign Workforce Systems

To redefine the job search for individuals with justice-involvement, our team collaborates with job boards, training providers, and other workforce intermediaries to implement structural changes that benefit all job seekers.

If you are interested in leveraging CEO’s knowledge and expertise, contact us at:

[email protected]

Partner Highlights

JPMorgan Chase 

In 2021, CEO launched a partnership with JPMorgan Chase to help break down barriers to employment for justice-impacted job seekers in the financial service sector. We began our engagement in Columbus, OH and later expanded our efforts to Phoenix, AZ, Click here to learn more about this partnership and the supportive services offered to applicants.

Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) 

In 2020, CEO launched a partnership with SHRM to advance its “Getting Talent Back To Work” initiative. This 10-hour certification course provides HR professionals with training, tools, and practices focused on talent segments for whom the workplace has not always been welcoming - those with convictions, people with disabilities, and Veterans. Click here to learn more about this partnership and the resources available.

How to Engage

Want to work with us? Reach out at [email protected]. We look forward to partnering to advance opportunities at scale and to redefine how our workforce system operates.