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Policy Updates: Union Pathways Paving the Way for New Yorker’s Social and Economic Mobility

Each year, more than 500,000 individuals return to their communities from prison, seeking meaningful employment and the opportunity for economic mobility. Union-affiliated jobs represent an incredible opportunity for individuals returning home from incarceration to achieve economic mobility as the union often successfully advocates for higher wages and stronger worker protections.

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Policy Updates: CEO Cleveland site director testifies before Ohio legislature in support of more opportunities for judicial release

Devon Hickman, CEO Cleveland Site Director, testified before the Ohio legislature in support of SB 288, which expands opportunities for judicial release in Ohio.

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Policy Updates: Congress Must Invest Now in Jobs for Justice-Impacted Individuals

In the American Jobs Plan, President Biden calls for a $100B workforce investment, including prioritizing justice-impacted individuals and subsidized employment as a proven training tool. As someone who has been there, it’s welcome news for the Administration to recognize just how hard it is for anyone with a history of incarceration to get a job.

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