More Than a Background

More Than a Background: A [background check] company that has never met me made the decision on my employment

CEO's Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) equipped Criss with vital skills post-incarceration, including navigating discussions about his past conviction. However, despite his preparedness, outdated discriminatory hiring practices overshadowed his potential

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More Than a Background: A Background Check Doesn’t Show Who You Are Today

Dion's journey post-incarceration was met with barriers. Despite securing employment, he faced unjust termination. However, with access to CEO's impactful programs, he found a path to a fulfilling career in healthcare.

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More Than a Background: An Indefinite Punishment

Benjamin's post-incarceration journey exposes the reality of hiring discrimination. When one door closed due to bias, CEO was there to help open another, offering a fair chance at redemption.

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More Than a Background: How to Keep Hope When Your Second Chance is Taken Away

After college, Alex made some wrong turns and unfortunately found himself involved with the justice system. However, he believed that one day he could still find a good career doing what he loved.

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More Than a Background: A Workforce That Holds Your Past Against You

Despite Rolando's degree in electrical engineering, upon release, his past outweighed his hard work with employers. His experience highlights the urgent need for reform for justice-impacted individuals.

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More Than a Background: From Rejection to Entrepreneurship: A Journey Beyond a Background Check

Marvin turned employment setbacks into a mission. Now with his own business, he's offering an equal opportunity to others with past mistakes.

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More Than a Background: Everyone Needs a Fair Chance

Left hanging due to a background check after being promised a job Bridget, a mother of two, faced hiring discrimination. Seeking refuge, she found a fair chance with CEO to rebuild her life.

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More Than a Background: How Long Should Someone Be Punished After They Make a Mistake?

Born and bred in Cincinnati, Dion's passion for music clashed with the harsh reality of post-incarceration employment struggles. Now, as Jailbird Issy, he fights for change alongside CEO.

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More Than a Background: From Hopeless to Fearless: One Job Seeker's Background Check Story

Air Force veteran Robert faced job rejection post-incarceration. With determination and support, he's now an advocate fighting against the stigma of hiring discrimination.

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