On April 26, 2022, the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) held a virtual evening of advocacy, storytelling and action.

People returning from prison receive a small amount of cash, sometimes as little as $10. However, states like California are considering increasing the amount of money given to those leaving prison. And we are calling for broader action on reentry cash assistance for returning citizens.

This national rally was about the power of cash assistance to change reentry. We heard from returning citizens, including those impacted by CEO’s Returning Citizens Stimulus (RCS), and learned how cash assistance enabled them to overcome common reentry challenges.

During this event, attendees:

  • Met the change agents who are transforming reentry.
  • Heard from partners and allies at For the People, Second Chance Center, Just Income GNV, Compton Pledge, Philadelphia Office of Reentry Partnerships and more.
  • Discussed ways to take action on important legislation, including California’s SB 1304 “gate money” bill sponsored by Sen. Sydney Kamlager.

Please join us to get involved in the movment to create change that works!