As a member of the Clean Slate coalition, the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) is pleased to see Clean Slate (S.211/A.1029) delivered to the Governor’s desk for signature. For more than one year, CEO’s organizing team has recruited dozens of participants to mobilize in solidarity with directly impacted people across the state of New York in order to educate lawmakers on the transformative nature of a fair chance.

Employment background checks undermine the individual abilities, accomplishments, and dignity of applicants. They regularly deny many qualified applicants employment and thereby deny them participation in a key aspect of society and personal responsibility. These individual harms perpetuate racial disparities in our economy and rob our communities of income and economic growth, productivity, and public safety in the process.

The ability to fairly seek and be considered for employment is often a vital aspect of regaining dignity and self-worth after a conviction. As the nation’s largest reentry employment provider, CEO believes every person returning from incarceration should have the opportunity for full participation in society.

CEO urges Governor Kathy Hochul to sign this important piece of legislation and enable the opportunity for economic mobility to millions of New Yorkers as swiftly as possible.