CEO’s values are much more than words on a page. They inform the approach we take to accomplishing our mission at every level of our work. Developed through a rigorous year-long and inclusive process, our values guide the decisions and actions our teams take every day. Hundreds of voices, perspectives, and ideas from members of the CEO community, including participants and staff, have helped shape our values.


We value the unique and unlimited potential of every person connected to CEO.

We celebrate diversity and build on every person’s strengths to help them reach their goals and access their full human potential.


We value the power of community.

We are a local and national team connected by our shared commitment to reducing the harms of incarceration and helping people achieve socioeconomic mobility. We believe that building trust, nurturing strong relationships, and cultivating a sense of belonging are key to creating strong, thriving communities.


We value every returning community member and insist that they have equal access to employment that aligns with their career goals.

Through bold innovation, advocacy, and subject-matter expertise, we work to eliminate barriers and create pathways to long-term, sustainable career opportunities. We work to ensure that all people impacted by the criminal legal system can experience socioeconomic mobility and prosperity.


We believe that everyone, regardless of their circumstance, deserves the opportunity to work toward a stronger future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Our work supporting people impacted by incarceration is focused on advancing racial and socio-economic justice. We center and amplify the expertise of people with direct experience in the criminal legal system to shape our work.