Megan Goddard

Director II, Inclusive Hiring

As Director of Inclusive Hiring, Megan guides a team of advisors who partner with employers to evaluate and enhance the inclusivity and fairness of their hiring practices. As CEO's core program empowers justice-impacted individuals leaving incarceration, Megan's team works to develop inclusive workforces that provide fair chances for these job-seekers to secure meaningful employment and upward mobility. They support businesses with improving their employment practices, maximizing their talent pipelines, and discovering the benefits of fair chance hiring.

Prior to joining CEO, Megan was leading a corporate social responsibility program at Checkr, a pioneering tech company that is striving to infuse fairness into the background check industry. At Checkr, Megan discovered the power of data and technology to discern and address systemic inequities in employer hiring practices. She also discovered the limitations of tech solutions and the need for human collaborations to generate lasting and transformative change. In her new role, Megan is working to bridge the gap by collaborating with employers, job-seekers, researchers and community-based organizations to build data-informed and human-centered solutions for fair chance hiring.