Hillary Facchine Williams

Director, Coverage & Coaching

Hillary Facchine Williams (she/her) is the Director, Coverage & Coaching and the Interim Director, Social Enterprise Training. In this role, Hillary developed a first-of-its-kind staffing coverage strategy to provide added capacity to sites with staffing gaps to prevent program participants from experiencing disruption of services due to staff vacancies or extended absences. Hillary’s team is also responsible for the onboarding, training, and role-specific coaching of all Program Delivery staff, including program leadership, social enterprise staff, and frontline vocational staff.

Hillary joined CEO in 2015 as one of the inaugural team members in the Philadelphia office. Prior to her current role, she has held several frontline vocational positions as well as a position on the Launch & Training team, where she led the successful launch of 3 new offices amidst pandemic conditions in 2020. Hillary holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Criminal Justice.