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Have barriers to employment and Looking for a job?

If you live in Columbus or Phoenix and have barriers to employment and you are interested in employment at JPMorgan Chase, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We can provide you with more information on positions, resources, and a referral to the appropriate community partner.

To enroll in CEO Columbus, please email Site Director, Candace James at [email protected] or call (614) 706-0888.

As part of our Advisory Services work, CEO launched a partnership with JPMorgan Chase to advance its commitment to break down barriers to employment for people with past convictions. This project is part of the company’s efforts to create greater economic opportunity for more people through strategic community partnerships and supportive services.

In 2019, JPMorgan Chase launched its local community hiring partnership model in Chicago, IL. Following a successful pilot in Chicago, the firm launched a similar model in Columbus, OH in partnership with CEO, followed by Phoenix, AZ. Together, we are working to build sustainable mechanisms to share strategies, develop long-term career pathways, and build internal champions.

Our work with JPMorgan Chase concentrates on the following three strategies:

1. Partnerships

    CEO assists JPMorgan Chase in developing coalitions of local service providers in each priority market. We focus on creating relationships with reentry partners, workforce development agencies, and other community-based organizations that serve individuals with barriers to employment. Our goal is to provide these entities with the resources to channel career opportunities to their job seekers. In many cases, JPMorgan Chase’s dedicated recruiters will present directly to job readiness classes, detailing the career opportunities available and reiterating the company’s commitment to fair chance hiring. For many candidates, this is the first time they may have considered a job in the financial services industry as an accessible option.

    2. Policies/Practices

      JPMorgan has already made significant strides to improving equity within their own hiring process, with “Second Chance hires” accounting for approximately 10% of firmwide new hires across the US. The company has officially ‘banned the box’, ensuring that hiring managers will not consider or know about a candidate’s conviction until after issuing a conditional offer. CEO ensures that all partners in this program maintain confidentiality for their job seekers. The specific hiring managers will not have prior knowledge that an applicant originated through this program or that they received additional support with their application. This process ensures that each individual gets evaluated based on their skills and merit, not judged based on a prior conviction.

      We continue to work with corporate leaders to find opportunities to increase transparency within the hiring process, update language within job descriptions to prioritize skills-fit, and develop an internal culture that celebrates inclusive hiring and development.

      3. Supportive Services

        This program relies on existing community reentry and workforce development providers who identify individuals in need of employment support, train them for job-readiness, and assist them with securing a full-time position. All applicants within this program will have access to resume prep and mock interview practice if they choose.

        We also know that employment does not exist in a vacuum. Many job seekers struggle with collateral consequences of a conviction, including difficulty securing transportation, housing, and persistent fines & fees. Through this project, we identify community partners that can assist with reducing these compounding barriers.

        Crucially, this program includes a formal relationship with a legal service provider in each market. When a candidate expresses interest in applying for a role at JPMorgan Chase, we can connect them to a legal services provider that will conduct an initial screening. Subsequently, the legal provider can directly support the candidate in obtaining and understanding their criminal legal history documentation; seeking expungement or records sealing when eligible; and/or applying for an FDIC waiver. These services offer a pathway for justice-involved individuals to access careers in a traditionally restrictive industry.

        For Partners 

        Are you located in one of our priority cities and interested in collaborating with us? Reach out to [email protected] to introduce yourself.