Fair Chance Consulting

CEO’s team helps employers catalyze shifts in employment practices to unlock career pathways that promote racial equity and provide economic mobility for people. 

What type of training and consulting does CEO provide?

Tools & Guidance

CEO develops customized tools for employers and HR professionals to hire and retain employees with past convictions.


CEO reviews company human resource policies, makes recommendations, and provides coaching on how to implement fair chance hiring practices.

Talent Pipeline Development

CEO can help employers develop connections with our local offices and other community partners that support job seekers with past convictions to achieve employment success.

Oval Copy

MYTH: People with past convictions are unreliable.

FACT: Employees with past convictions are no more likely to be fired and are more likely to have longer tenure than employees without convictions.

MYTH: Past imprisonment impedes on someone’s ability to perform as an employee.

FACT: A study of 1.3 million military enlistees found that enlistees with past convictions had superior performance compared to those with no convictions.

MYTH: Someone with a past record is going to behave badly on the job.

FACT: Work related misconduct of workers with criminal records is, on average, less serious than other workers.

MYTH: People with past convictions have a greater tendency to be violent on the job site.

FACT: While employers are concerned with negligent hiring judgements for violent acts, there is no evidence to support this concern.

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