The Open Road: Terence’s Inspiring CDL Journey

Feb 08, 2024   |  By Antoine Dolly

In a world that often neglects people returning home from incarceration and trying to rebuild their life, the path toward employment can be challenging. Terence's journey shines as a beacon of hope for others facing similar, and what can seem like impossible, obstacles. With determination and the transitional support of the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), he proved the power of a fair chance and the impact of comprehensive reentry programs.

His professionalism and qualifications made him stand out as a highly employable candidate. However, he needed help securing job interviews and gaining employment due to his criminal record. CEO worked with Terrance to help him create a vision for himself and his future. He followed CEO's model, utilizing the program's immediate paid employment, one-on-one career support, and training opportunities.

Terence is now enrolled in a Commercial Driver License (CDL) course, which is already giving him a new sense of accomplishment and, once completed, will offer him long-term stability.

His success hasn’t been without setbacks though. As Terence's enthusiasm for his future grew through the CDL program, he also realized he needed to settle almost $1000 in fines to clear his license and successfully finish the program. To remove this key barrier, CEO paid his fine so that he could successfully complete the program. Terrence was highly touched by this gesture, stating,

"Words can not explain how much CEO has meant and done for me. I will be forever grateful!"

With each passing day, Terence is approaching a new phase in his life—one where he can support himself and his loved ones and one where he is sought after by employers! Companies are already in competition for his services, offering a variety of perks. One offer even included a new truck, exclusively for him!

In just a few months, Terence has transitioned from waiting for a job offer to being in the position to choose among them. Upon completing his CDL training, he is on the verge of securing a job with a salary of over $90,000!

Beyond his success, Terence aims to use his journey to give back. He is eager to mentor others interested in obtaining their CDL, guiding them through the program and paying forward the support he received from the CEO. From the darkest days of incarceration, he has emerged into the bright lights of the open road, and the most rewarding part of his journey is still ahead!