Fair Chance Conversations: Keilon Ratliff, Kelly Services

Dec 12, 2022   |  By Ty Bailey
  • Kelly services is a leading international staffing firm with a companywide focus on Equity@Work (check out our blog post here for more)
  • As a staffing firm, Kelly actively encourages and coaches its customers on the value of Fair Chance employment and helps them adjust policy and practice as needed.
  • Kelly recently evaluated the success of a partnership with Toyota which included recruiting 1200 candidates with past justice involvement. They found the program expanded their candidate pool by 20%, helped improve retention by 70%, and increased diversity by 8%
  • Keilon believes proximity is key to driving change: "For any leader of a company...when you come across someone who is justice-impacted and they tell you their story of what it took to get an opportunity, it will make you look at things a little bit differently."

In our most recent fair chance conversation Salomon Moreno-Rosa and Matt Joyce had a conversation with Keilon Ratliff of Kelly services. Ratliff discussed how, as a staffing firm, Kelly Services has been able to drive the conversation about fair chance hiring at their client companies. The Kelly33 model is unique in the industry and represents an innovative way to recruit undervalued talent with past justice involvement and encourage employers to consider this pool as both temporary and full-time employees.