Connecting to employment during a COVID impacted economy presents additional challenges for returning citizens. CEO’s Returning Citizens Stimulus program (RCS) provides cash payments to returning citizens to help them navigate these challenges as they work to find a job and reconnect with their family and community. We want to collect and publicize the stories of returning citizens who have used the RCS payments to make a difference in their lives after incarceration.

When we tell our stories we inspire others who are coming home and motivate our communities to support second chance hiring and services. We also honor our journey and those who have supported us along the way.

Sharing your story is quick and easy. You may either write in your story in the form below, or call our toll-free number (888) 693-0390 to leave a voice message. We will archive these stories and use them publicly to build support for returning citizens.

For other feedback not related to RCS or questions regarding RCS, please email [email protected]

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