RCS - Elevating Stories

RCS directly responds to the overwhelming racial disparities of COVID-19. Here are a few of the stories of some of the amazing individuals who have participated in the program.

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Ronald's Story, New York

This spring Ronald worked on CEO’s transitional work crew sanitizing New York City Housing Authority properties to keep residents safe. “I’ve worked for all of COVID and have been financially stable.” Alongside his CEO wages, his RCS payments allowed him to keep up with expenses: food for the house, clothing for his son, and the family’s bills. It also helped him save for a rainy day. “I put it in my account. It was a big help.” With the support of CEO, he recently landed a full-time job. For Ronald, the RCS payments gave him a financial cushion to deal with any possible emergencies. “For people coming home,” Ronald told us, “the program gives independence.”

"YES!!!!! You dont know how much this helped me. I didn’t know how I was going to pay rent in a few days. You always do this! CEO always does this! Always helping people. I love you guys!"

- Quevell, Rochester

A.J's Story, San Jose

When the “shelter in place” mandate began in San Jose, AJ found himself in a tough situation. He was sleeping on a family member’s couch after having just returned home from incarceration. When the whole family was required to stay at home, he felt like an added burden. The RCS money made a timely difference; he used it to put a down payment on a place of his own. AJ now has the stability to find employment that will allow him to help his family in return.

"When no one believed in me, you did….I am forever grateful. I was able to obtain employment...I hope to have my job when this pandemic situation is over. I am so thankful for this blessing."

- Robin, Detroit

Juan's Story, Los Angeles

An entrepreneur in Los Angeles named Juan struggled to find a job in the last few months. He told us, “I never want to ask for help...I just don’t want to go back to prison.” Juan used RCS resources to get the business registration and equipment necessary to re-launch his car detailing business. Although outdated banking and government policies have cut Juan off from credit markets and government loan programs, the RCS payments secured his opportunity to provide for his wife and five children.

"Man wanna say I appreciate all the stuff yall do for us..and still do what y’all have to do for yall family's just wanna say thank you bro...I have got the extra money too in when I seen it I cried man thank you."

- Markeze, Cincinnati

Natasha's Story, Los Angeles

Natasha used her first RCS payment and some of her existing savings to buy a car. “It isn’t much to look at,” she says, but it allows her to get to her job safely. It also enables her to support her roommate, Wilma, who suffers from Sickle-Cell Anemia. Natasha drives Wilma to doctor’s appointments and other places around the city; it gives them time and space to decompress. Sydney Reece of A New Way of Life works with Natasha and says that her RCS story exemplifies that, “We are seeing that generosity begets generosity.”

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