Mary Bedeau

Deputy Executive Director, NYC

Mary Bedeau is the Deputy Executive Director of CEO’s New York City Program, a New York-based nonprofit that provides employment services to individuals with criminal convictions. Mary joined CEO in 2004 to begin the implementation of Post-placement job retention services for CEO’s participants. 

During her tenure, Mary expanded her portfolio to include the Management of CEO NYC’s vocational services program and our transitional jobs program. Prior to joining CEO, Mary served as Assistant Executive Director for Vocational Foundation, Inc (VFI) and later as Replication Director for the WAY (Work Appreciation for Youth) Program, of the Children’s Village. In those positions, she oversaw the development of post-placement job retention services at VFI and the replication of the WAY model across various organizations for the Children’s Village. Mary’s work at VFI was highlighted in a research publication by PP/V (Public Private Ventures), Getting In, Staying on, Moving Up. 

At CEO, she implemented performance management processes and procedures that grew our CEO NYC 180 day retention milestone to over 50% of those placed. Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Mary immigrated to the US in 1974; became a US Citizen on March 29, 1995 and graduated with a B.S. from Brooklyn College.