“Exceed everyone’s expectations:” Reggie finds new purpose with Hilco and CEO

Nov 15, 2023   |  By Jason Kahler

Philadelphia Hilco Crew Site Supervisor Ella Saunders can’t help but sing Reggie’s praises.

“Reggie serves as an inspiring example of personal growth and determination to positively impact society,” says Saunders.

“He has shown great enthusiasm and engagement during his time at Hilco,” she continues,“ eagerly participating in training sessions and successfully completing tasks.”

As a participant in Hilco’s partnership with the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), Reggie has learned essential skills he’ll use as he continues to explore his professional interests. That includes understanding the expectations of modern employers and developing the communication skills necessary to be effective at a job site.

CEO works with businesses to provide workforce training and opportunities to people recently released from incarceration. CEO helps participants develop life skills and obtain transitional employment as they work towards long-term success post-incarceration.

Reggie’s experience with Hilco is just one example of the power of the partnerships between CEO and companies like Hilco. In his time with Hilco, Reggie has learned important skills such as task completion, punctuality, teamwork, and appropriate dress etiquette. He has expressed genuine admiration for his reintegration into society and is committed to avoiding disciplinary infractions, striving to become a better version of himself.

Reggie has also discovered a passion and eagerness for advocacy as a potential career pathway. In collaboration with the Philadelphia office, he is set to join CEO’s Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), working in the communications department. ELP is a paid 12-week apprenticeship that combines on-the-job learning, mentoring, and professional development.

“My experience with Hilco employment has been nothing but astonishing,” he says. “Being acclimated back into the workforce has taught me that if given the chance, you’d better exceed everyone’s expectations, because once you do, that opens the door for others in your shoes. For me, that’s what working on the Hilco crew has done for me.”