CEO in the News: NYTimes and The Hill

Feb 08, 2019

Across party lines and in states throughout the country, criminal justice reform is discussed on political stages, in opinion pages, and at dinner tables. And although the language may change depending on place and forum, many of these conversations come down to one simple question: when people get out of prison or jail, how can we best support their transition home?

CEO’s model provides an answer backed by ample evidence. Recently, we were featured in a New York Times opinion piece by Nicholas Kristof and an editorial in The Hill. Both highlighted the benefits of investing in and partnering with programs like CEOs. In each of these articles, the message is clear: this country needs effective solutions, and CEO works.

In his op-ed, Kristof proposes alternative ways to spend $5.7 billion, including the allocation of $359 million to reduce pathways to crime: "... job training for [formerly incarcerated individuals] through the Center for Employment Opportunities costs $6,500 per person and has a good record of turning [these individuals] into taxpayers."

As a supporter of CEO, you know that programs that reduce recidivism help break harmful cycles of poverty and incarceration, make communities safer, and save taxpayer money. When people come home to the right support, have access to the services they need, and are given the opportunity to contribute to their communities, everyone benefits.

To keep moving the needle on justice reform, it is crucial to continue these conversations and increase funding for programs that make measurable impacts. With your help, we will continue supporting change that works.